Lot 2

Friday & Saturday: 5pm-9pm
We have reduced our hours & days for the time being. We hope to add back days as our business and the world get healthier. Thanks very much for your support and understanding.

Sunday Supper is on hold right now. That’s heartbreaking to write. But Casserole Club is happening! We email and post each week’s casserole on Mondays. To join our mailing list email info@lot2restaurant.com with the subject line “mailing list”. We’ll add you!

Take Home Dinner


or call us at 718.499.5623





We are offering food to go! Please give us a call at 718-499-5623 to place your order. Pick up times have been ranging around 30-60 minutes. We’ll give you a more precise pick up time on the phone. We now have three outside tables! Please give us a call for table availability.

You can now also order food to take home through our online square store! Here’s the link! The menu is even accurate! Oh My! 



served friday-saturday 5pm-9pm

(sample take home menu 2.19.20)
for our most up to date menu check our INSTAGRAM. Our website takes a very looooong time to update. Sorry about that!


house pickles  $5

brooklyn grange lettuces
beets, blood orange, ricotta salata, almonds, pink lemon-sherry-shallot vinaigrette  $14


broccoli mac n’ cheese  $18 

grilled cheese
aged provolone, yellow cheddar, parmesan, honeycrisp apple  $15

brick chicken
radicchio, lima beans, chili flake  $27

shrimp & grits
fresh wild caught shrimp, chorizo, cheddar grits  $25

red wine and coke braised beef short rib
potato gnocchi, peas and carrots  $32

creekstone farm beef burger
cheddar cheese, pickles, duck fat fries  $21



salted chocolate chip cookie  $4




Join us for Casserole!
Order by Wednesday 3/17 for pickup Saturday 3/20

this week’s casserole
Tater Tot Casserole
buffalo chicken, cheddar cheese, scallions
servings are per person, about 1lb per serving

this week’s cocktail pairing (if you’d like to add it)
Blackberry Bourbon Sweet Tea
blackberry infused bourbon with sweet tea & a slice of lemon

Here’s the link to our casserole square store to place order

when ordering be sure to hit submit and make sure you receive a text/email confirmation

You’ll be able to order from the site until Wednesday at 3pm
Pickup is Saturday 5pm-9pm

square will generate a specific time for you to pick up your casserole, but it’s totally fine to come earlier or later, so long as it’s between 5pm-9pm on Saturday.

We look forward to feeding you!
-the Lot 2 crew


Sunday Supper

We are offering supper to go! Please give us a call at 718-499-5623 to place your order. Pick up times have been ranging around 30-60 minutes. We’ll give you a more precise pick up time on the phone. We now have three outside tables! Call us for table availability!

$35 Adults, $17 Kids

romaine lettuce
radishes, pepitas, cumin-lime dressing

mexican coke braised pork carnitas
black beans, nixtamal heirloom corn tortillas, guacamole, sour cream, cotija cheese, pickled red onion, cilantro, lime

salted chocolate chip cookies

vegetarian supper option available


lot 2 burger $21

Lot 2 Friends & Family,
I’m writing to tell you about changes to our opening hours. I’m going to try and be upfront about our situation. I’ll start with the basic information, which is that starting next week we’ll only be open on Fridays and Saturdays. Here’s why:

First off, we’ve never been strictly business sorts of people. We make decisions based on how things make us feel and we try to adjust to the consequences later. Also, we’re pretty stubborn and don’t like change (we were hand writing guest checks and doing ‘math’ at the end of the night until June 2019). Despite our obstinance, somehow we’ve made it through 11 years, but this year, well, who needs to even finish that sentence anymore. We secured a PPP loan but that money is long gone. It’s just up to the business to pay our employees, and we like to pay our employees as much as possible, but Lot 2 is just plain not bringing in enough to cover our payroll anymore. We are now truly forced to deal with the consequences of the pandemic, like so many other small businesses, and it is painful. We don’t like having to cut people’s hours, but it is the only cost saving measure we can truly control with immediate results. Our hope is that by compressing the week into our two strongest days, those two days will be even busier. It cuts our labor costs in half and means that we lose money at a much slower pace than we are right now. We hope to be able to see things through to either another small business aid grant or at least to warmer weather and brighter outlooks. If Friday and Saturday become unmanageably busy, we’ll add back a day. That would be wonderful!

Something to look out for in the coming weeks:
We’d like to start a Casserole Club. You would be able to preorder your casserole each week for however many people you like from our square store, pick it up on Saturday, and eat it whenever there comes a night that you don’t want to cook or just need a little Lot 2 and we aren’t open. You could be part of the Casserole Club or maybe the Casserole-Cocktail Club. I hope the Casserole Club retains a bit of that supper spirit. I promise Danny makes a mighty fine casserole and Dawn’s cocktails are first class.

This Sunday is our last proper Sunday Supper for a time. Oh that breaks my heart to write.
I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that we’re in this together and we wouldn’t have made it this far without you. We are so thankful for you, for your support, for your encouraging words.

With love and thanks,

Lot 2

To join our sunday supper (casserole club) mailing list, email us at info@lot2restaurant.com with the subject line Mailing List. We’ll send you one supper email per week, plus the occasional special event email.



(Sample Drinks Menu)



lillet blanc, muddled mint, lime juice & a dash of simple

Phyllis Gomez
cynar, aperol, old overholt rye & lemon juice

Faux Swizzle
el dorado spiced rum, velvet falernum, pineapple & lime juice, served with a pineapple & a straw

knob creek bourbon, ramazzotti amaro, luxardo maraschino & bitters

Abeja #2
sauza blue agave tequila, chili infused honey, lemon & molé bitters

Gibson Martini
ford’s gin, dolin dry & carpano bianco vermouth, served up with a house pickled onion

Brooklyn Sunrise
dorothy parker gin, gentian liqueur, aperol, & lime

La Paloma
cimarron reposado tequila, lime juice, sea salt & mexican squirt soda, served with a salt-crusted lime & a straw

Shade Tree
siete misterios mezcal, a dash of tapatío, lime juice & watermelon syrup, served up



Porkslap Pale Ale
Garrattsville, NY

Rosé Cider
Long Island, NY $10

Nitro Milk Stout
Longmont, CO

Abita Amber
Abita Springs, LA

Kostritzer Black Lager
Bad Kostritz, Germany

Allagash White
Portland, ME

Victory Prima Pils
Downington, PA


Wines by the Glass


Pinot Noir, Pineau d’Aunis
Loire, France, “Les Capriades”, Potaire/Gaddouche, ‘15

Veneto, Italy, “Prosecco Superiore”, Azienda Agricola, N.V.


Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache
Provence, France, “MiP”, Dom. Sainte Lucie, ‘16


Lazio, Italy, “Passerina del Frusinate”, Corte dei Papi, ‘15

Sylvaner, Auxerrois
Alsace, France, “Saveurs de Julien”, Les Vins Pirouettes, ‘15


Pinot Noir
Venezie, Italy, “Stema”, Terre Gaie, ‘15

Rhône Valley, France, “Syrah”, Aurélein Chatagnier, ‘16



Daniel Rojo, Chef, Co-Owner 

Daniel Rojo was born and raised in Los Angeles. He attended culinary school in 2004. After stints in Los Angeles and Oakland he moved to New York. Danny started as one of the opening cooks at Lot 2 in June 2009, taking over as chef in November 2009, and then becoming an owner in 2012 thanks to the generosity of Lot 2’s original owner, Ben Jones. These days Daniel is grateful to cook simple, honest food for his friends and neighbors. He is also an owner at Southside Coffee across the street from Lot 2.

Dawn Kinstle, Bar Manager, Co-Owner

Dawn started in the service industry out of necessity but has stayed (some 15 years) out of love. She’s worked as a host, a busser, a server, a dishwasher, a floor manager, a line cook, a bartender, and, now, a bar manager. Her interest in cocktails was originally inspired by her mentor and husband, owner of nearby Quarter Bar, David Moo. It was at Quarter Bar where Dawn, then working in the West Village, originally met the Lot 2 crew and began a lasting friendship over post-work drinks. It is that basis of friendship that makes working at Lot 2 special. She has been a part of Lot 2 since 2011.

Khavon Owens, Chef de Cuisine

Khavon is a NYC native. Bronx born and raised. He’s a dedicated, passion driven, food lover. Khavon is excited to have made a return to the Lot 2 team.

Thea Bloomberg, Floor Manager

In June 2009 Thea Bloomberg did what many aspiring MFA writing students do- got a job in a restaurant. The restaurant was Lot 2 and it changed her life. She fell in love with Daniel Rojo (see above), marrying him at Lot 2 on July 24th, 2011. When not at the restaurant she can be found around the corner at home hanging out with her kids and occasionally trying to make good on that MFA in writing.

Amber Sather, Pastry Chef

Amber is a small town girl with big city ambitions, born and raised in Montana she moved to Chicago and then later to NYC in 2008. She landed in Brooklyn just around the corner from Southside Coffee. She trained them how to make coffee and also worked as a barista off and on at the cafe. Southside and then Lot 2 became her family. After a dynamic and fulfilling career in the Specialty Coffee Industry, Amber jumped at the chance to pursue her lifelong passion of baking and she joined the Lot 2 crew working with former Pastry Chef, Jen Shelbo. After leaving Brooklyn and learning more about her own personal baking style, Amber returned to Southside and Lot 2 in November 2015 to take over their pastry program. She’s happy to be back! When she’s not feeding the neighborhood sweet treats, Amber loves running and biking and adventuring with her husband. She is also an owner at Southside Coffee.


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Contact & Hours

  687 6th Avenue Between 19th and 20th Streets Brooklyn, NY 11215 718.499.5623 email us at info@lot2restaurant.com Thursday-Saturday: 5pm–9pm Sunday Supper: 5pm–9pm Lot 2 is closed Monday-Wednesday at this time. no reservations (except for New Year’s Eve & Valentine’s Day) contact us for gift certificates over the phone

Lot 2 is available for private events, including weddings, rehearsal dinners, birthdays and other celebrations. Our team will be happy to customize a seasonal menu to meet your specific needs. Off-site catering is also available, please inquire.

To join our mailing list please email info@lot2restaurant.com with the subject line “mailing list”. You’ll receive an email once a week with our Sunday Supper menu, plus the occasional email throughout the year about special events at Lot 2.