Lot 2

Saturday: 5pm-9pm
take home dinner & tables inside & out,
no reservations

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Open for Dinner on Saturdays!

Dinner is on Saturday! Please give us a call at 718-499-5623 to place your order to take home. Or stop by to eat at one of our tables. No reservations, just come on by.

mixed lettuce salad
radishes, buttermilk ranch dressing, bread crumbs  $14

grilled cheese sandwich
aged provolone, yellow cheddar, parmesan, heirloom tomato  $16 

baked quinoa
tomato, corn, summer squash, mozzarella, basil  $20


creekstone farms beef burger
aged white cheddar, house pickles, duck fat fries  $21


fried chicken sandwich
lettuce, buttermilk ranch, pickles, side of slaw & potato chips  $19


10 oz creekstone farms ny strip steak
duck fat fries, baby lettuce  $32

rhubarb macaroon tart  $8

snickerdoodle cookie!  $3.50 


Why are you only open one day a week?
Good question! You are right, Lot 2 is only open one day a week and that is strange and disappointing. But Southside Coffee, our cafe just across the street on the corner of 19th and 6th Avenue, is open 7 days a week from 8am-4pm. All of our baking for Southside comes out of the Lot 2 kitchen. We share employees, prep space, ovens. We ourselves bake some days, make sandwiches other days, do the bookkeeping and payroll and general maintenance for both businesses all the days. And we feel so lucky to be able to serve a Lot 2 dinner, even if it’s just once a week. The combination of Southside and Lot 2 keeps us busy. And happy!


But why not hire more people so Lot 2 can be open more days? I miss Wednesdays.
We miss Wednesdays, too! And Sundays, Thursdays, Fridays. But here’s the truth. Lot 2 never, ever made any money. We always ran at a deficit. Even in the best of times whatever money we brought in each week was used to pay what we owed from many weeks before so that we could continue placing orders with vendors. It’s a stressful and risky way to operate. The pandemic exacerbated all that risk and stress and forced us to reevaluate. Strip everything down and decide what stays, what works, what risk do we want to take on and for what gain. For now, for us, focusing more on Southside, the steadier business, is what works. The gains for our family and children have been clear: more time together, slightly less stressed out parents.
We are so happy to get to run a bustling seven day a week coffee shop with our partner, Amber Sather, and to serve dinner one night a week. We don’t want to let go of Lot 2. We love the food and people too much! We aren’t great business people, clearly. And for as long as that remains true we’ll try and keep a little Lot 2 going. We hope you’ll join us for dinner on Saturday or any and every day of the week at Southside.

With love and thanks,

Teddy and Danny



(Sample Drinks Menu)



lillet blanc, muddled mint, lime juice & a dash of simple

Phyllis Gomez
cynar, aperol, old overholt rye & lemon juice

Faux Swizzle
el dorado spiced rum, velvet falernum, pineapple & lime juice, served with a pineapple & a straw

knob creek bourbon, ramazzotti amaro, luxardo maraschino & bitters

Abeja #2
sauza blue agave tequila, chili infused honey, lemon & molé bitters

Gibson Martini
ford’s gin, dolin dry & carpano bianco vermouth, served up with a house pickled onion

Brooklyn Sunrise
dorothy parker gin, gentian liqueur, aperol, & lime

La Paloma
cimarron reposado tequila, lime juice, sea salt & mexican squirt soda, served with a salt-crusted lime & a straw

Shade Tree
siete misterios mezcal, a dash of tapatío, lime juice & watermelon syrup, served up




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